Irmo, SC Implant Dentist

Dental Implants in Irmo

A dental implant, a tooth replacement option, is used to replace missing teeth or as an anchor to hold dentures or bridges in place. First our Irmo implant dentist will evaluate your bone structure to determine if you are candidate for a dental implant. Bone grafting may be available for those lacking adequate bone structure. Dental implants are typically made of titanium and are a permanent solution for tooth loss. With dental implants you can enjoy many benefits that alternative solutions may not be able to offer.

Dental implants helps to restore the functionality of your teeth and mouth. With dental implants, you no longer have to experience any discomfort or frustration when speaking, laughing or eating. They provide a strong, solid foundation that feel and look very natural. Dental implants are built to last and can make even make the most natural daily actions seem “natural” once again.

Dental implants are simply the next best thing to natural teeth. With the design and secure foundation that dental implants provide, no one, not even you, will be able to distinguish your implant apart from your natural teeth. With a fully restored smile, you can enjoy the boost of confidence and piece of mind dental implants can provide.

With modern sedation and anesthetics, dental implants can be placed with very little discomfort to the patient. Contact us for more information about Irmo, SC dental implants.


About Our Implant Dentist in Irmo, SC

implant dentist in irmo, scRobert R. Cunningham Jr. DMD followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and sought to pursue a career in dentistry after graduating from the University of South Carolina in 2005 with a degree in Biology and Math. He continued his education and attended the Medical University of South Carolina, graduating with his dental degree. He opened his own practice in 2008. Originally from Columbia, Dr. Cunningham currently resides in the Ballentine area with his wife Erin and their three children Brady, Evie and Kamryn.

As an implant dentist in Irmo, SC, Dr. Cunningham is proud to provide quality, family-style care to the Irmo area. He offers a wide range of dental services for patients of every age and income.