The Wand®

Dentist Irmo, SC

Distinctive Dentistry is proud to offer the Wand STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia). This all injection system allows patients to receive quick, pain-free dental anesthesia in a modern and comfortable way.

While using the Wand, we can control the flow rate of local anesthetic for all injection types through a computer system. The Wand also allows us to achieve more precise injections and patient comfort.

Not only are the injections virtually painless, the Wand will only numb the affected area, instead of your cheeks, lips or tongue. This will allow you to speak comfortably following your procedure. The anesthetic delivery tool looks similar to a pen, which is comfortable for us to use and also makes our most fearful patients feel at ease.

There are many types of dental treatments that require dental anesthesia. If you are fearful of syringes, it is much harder to deliver proper treatment. The Wand ensures that you receive anesthesia in a comfortable, stress-free way.

At Distinctive Dentistry, your health and comfort is our top priority. Our investment in the Wand STA injection system is to assist in providing the most relaxing dental experiences possible.

For more information about the Wand, please contact our Irmo affordable dentist.